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Best places to dance in Berlin

Looking for a cool place to dance Kpop in Berlin with your crew?

Check out the following locations!

Also check the choregraphies from our  Kpop dance class.

The Korean Garden in Berlin

The Korean garden of Berlin is in the "Gardens of the world" park also called "Gärten der Welt", in Marzahn, east of Berlin. For a small entrance fee, you'll be a able to visit and dance in the "Koreanischer Garten" as well as in many other beaufiful gardens and locations.

Kpop dance group berlin
The Pavillion
of unity

The Pavillion of Unity or "Pavillon der Einheit" is centrally located on Potsdamerplatz, close to the Korean cultural center. It's a replica of a pavilion from the Changdeokgung Royal Palace of Seoul. Apparently, it was moved in 2021 to the Korean embassy south of Tiergarten, not far from the KDW shopping mall, but I haven't checked for myself yet.

pavilion der einheit.jpeg

The "Mauerpark" wall garden is located north of the city center and is a young and vibrant place to showcase the talent of your Kpop dance group. There is a lot of food, music, small events or gatherings, as well as open-air karaoke.

mauerpark 2.jpeg

Teufelsberg is located quite far outside west of Berlin, yet it's worth the trip if you'd like to shoot a cool choreography with a stunning view of the city. This place, a former spying facility used by the Americans during the cold war, remains abandoned and is very typical from Berlin.

East side gallery

The East Side Gallery, located along the river not far from Ostbahnhof in Friedrichshain, is a long and famous piece of the Berlin wall which is entirely painted or tagged by artists. Along the Spree river, it offers a variety of nice backgrounds for choregraphies.

east side gallery.jpeg
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