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Xinye Tan
17 Greenwicherstrasse
13349 Berlin
German tax number: 23/554/03494
Registered at the Finanzamt Wedding

Terms & Conditions

Xinye Tan provides dance classes in Wedding, Berlin, Germany.
Participants are required to follow the rules of the Tanzraum Wedding.

Participants should bring clean shoes and/or suitable clothes to follow the dance class.
As the dancing room is booked for a specific time frame, the late arrival of a participant won't necessarily be compensated by extra time at the end of the dance class.
Dance classes might be filmed and such videos and pictures could be used for promotional or commercial use. Participants agree that their image could be used for such purpose and renounce to any financial compensation. Filming a solo or particular dancer out of the dance group will nevertheless require further written approval.

Privacy policy

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